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Massive Protest Against Wind Industry Planned
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World's Largest Wind Power Company to Cut 3000 Jobs
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Another Giant Dies Near Rugby, ND
Another Giant Dies Near Minot, ND

Quote from Graham Hancock, Artists Against Wind Farms: "Windmills are an expensive inefficient and unreliable source of large scale energy. They are a malignant tumor on the landscape that destroys the natural beauty of the land. Living amongst them is like living in a machine. I agree there is something elegant about a single windmill. But smothering the countryside with their visual pollution is a crime. It is our obligation to protect the beauty of our natural heritage against this scourge."

"The fact is that the Scottish people - as opposed to their politicians - are waking up to the realisation that wind power is one of the greatest hoaxes of our age."- Christopher Booker in 'Scotland's beauty will be sacrificed to 'renewable' fantasy', Sunday Telegraph 4/8/07.

"I have studied the debate, arguments and statistics and come to the personal conclusion that wind farms divide communities, ruin landscapes, affect tourism, make a minimal contribution to our energy needs and a negligible contribution towards reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The landowner and developer are enriched, while the consumer is impoverished by higher energy costs. Turbines are ugly, noisy and completely out of place in our beautiful, historic landscape."- UK Press, Nov. 30, 2009, Wind farms blight landscape - Duke.

"Wind power is an idea that is appealing to the imagination. It sounds like a 'free' source of energy that would be non-polluting and stable in cost. I am an optimist, and I love technology. If I thought for one moment that windmills would be a source of low cost energy, I would be building them. The reality is quite the contrary - wind power is wasteful of human and natural resources." - Fergus Smith, VT. (Source) Notable Quotes.

"Wind salesmen mimic the memes of environmentalism to sell their industry, often in ways so deceptive or contrary as to mock the very movement they claim to promote. Current policy of unlimited consents for wind power stations is tragically flawed, will never be the answer to climate change issues, cannot fulfill the national energy supply requirements expected of it, and inflicts an extensive and unjustifiable environmental cost." - Fergus Ferguson (Source) Notable Quotes.

"Wind energy has again been shown up for what it is, an expensive way of saving a derisory amount of CO2. It is, frankly, a disgrace, that the wind turbine farce continues in the name of saving the planet. The [UK] Government should intervene immediately and stop these projects - they are a waste of our resources." - Nina Thorpe in 'Turbine Figures Blown Off Course', by Robert Brooks, Newcastel-upon-Tyne 12/27/05

"If we knew what would happen, never would we have signed a contract that puts our friends and neighbors through this." - Hal Graham, Cohocton, New York. (Source) Notable Quotes.

"The trouble with wind farms is that they have a huge spatial footprint for a piddling little bit of electricity... ." - Sir Martin Holdgate, former chairman of the British Renewable Energy Advisory Group. (Source) Notable Quotes.

"Industrial wind is almost the perfect enterprise for our era, as it produces no meaningful product or service but is subsidized up to 80 percent by rate and tax payers. Like many "celebrities," it is famous for being famous, not for its actual performance."- Jon Boone in email to IWA 1/8/0

"In very simple terms, if wind farms are the answer the question must be: how can we waste the most money in an utterly useless exercise?" - (Source) Herald Sun.

"A single 555-megawatt gas-fired power plant in California generates more electricity in a year than do all 13,000 of the state's wind turbines. The gas-fired plant sits atop a mere 15 acres. The 300-foot-tall windmills impact over a hundred thousand acres to provide expensive, intermittent, insufficient energy." - L.M. Schwartz (Source) Industrial Wind Action Group.

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